Montag, 12. August 2013

Environmental costs of shock doctrine in Greece - the case of Halkidiki

The things Greenpeacer´s do on holiday. Earlier this year my team member Sofia took a break from her main job - protecting the oceans - and helped produce this powerful The Ecologist film on how the economic crisis is being (ab)used to force a destructive mining project onto a Greek community.

Watch and be angry:

Donnerstag, 8. August 2013

Reporting is good, regulation is better

There is nothing I am more angry about than the fact that all too often those exploiting people or destroying the future of my daughters are not being held to account.

So when I recently spoke at the Global Reporting Initiative´s global conference on "Sustainability Reporting Regulation: Today and Tomorrow" I called for a lot more than corporate reporting. It´s progressive regulation we need. While at the conference, I was appalled to see companies like Shell or Enel pretending to be good corporate citizens  because they report under the GRI guidelines. Them claiming any form of sustainability is risible as long as they drill in the Arctic (Shell) or burn coal (Enel).

If you are interested in watching the session, here it is.

  Sustainability Reporting Regulation Today and Tomorrow from Global Reporting Initiative on Vimeo.