Donnerstag, 27. September 2007

"I thought it would work"

"I am Daniel Mittler and I lost the election for you in 2004 in Ohio". That's how I introduced myself to John Kerry at a reception tonight. For in 2004, I took time off to campaign with American friends for a Kerry victory. The placard I held on November 1st 2004 is still up in my flat: "1 more day to a fresh start". It was not to be. But when I last saw him at that last day of the campaign rally in Cleveland, I remember that Kerry was good. He had finally learned to give a decent speech. He had finally learned to show passion. And he was clearly moved, when the Boss, aber giving a moving speech, gave his guitar pick to Kerry saying: "Take it to the White House". I told Kerry about my 1st November 2004 tonight. He seemed lost in thought for a moment, thinking back to Cleveland. "I thought it would work", he said ...
It didn't. It was a sad day, that November 2nd 2004. But I also will never forget the uplifting days that preceded it. The determination by so many from so many different walks of life, to rid the US of George W.. Just 16 months to go, folks. Keep up the spirit.

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