Dienstag, 12. Februar 2008

Follow the (oil) money

Money is a necessary but not sufficient condition for becoming President of the United States. John Edwards, who is sadly still dithering about who to support, also lost because he lacked money. Mitt Romney, on the other hand, went nowhere even though he had money. Lots of it. He spent some $35 million of his own cash - about 110,000 for each delegate he secured. But now he is history. - Talking of history: Whoever gets elected, will have a key role to play in fighting climate change. So one monetary fact of particular interest to my mind is how much money the fossil fuel giants are paying to whom. At least as far as Big Oil is concerned, you can now find out. Check out this excellent database. Let's hope that Obama, when elected, will not follow the oil money. In fact, I wish he would return the $ 15,000 he received from Exxon. May be you can ask him to do that, John Edwards, as a precondition for finally endorsing Obama ;-). Yes, you can!

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