Dienstag, 5. August 2008

Busker with a cause!

Once upon a time, my sister and I were a winning busking team. We were young, cute and played quite well (she the violin, me the cello). This was the 80s as well. Heidelberg's pedestrian zone was full of American tourists (and soldiers) awash with money. And so, we earned well, playing simple songs over and over again. Once, I remember, we made 50 Deutsche Mark each in an hour. I recall, because this not-so-hard-earned cash was essential to me at the time. All my BAP vinyl's were paid for with this busking cash. BAP may have helped to turn me into the political activist I am now. But buying these records still felt indulgent when I came across Isla Ratcliff today. Isla is 11! And she is currently cycling (and busking) from Moscow to Scotland to raise money for street kids in Ethiopia. Where she stops, she busks. And the money, just like last year (see picture) will go to the Forum on Street Children, Ethiopia. Hats off, Isla. May there be many rich tourists willing to part with their money on the way to Edinburgh. And no punctures! P.S. Isla's dad does fine work, too. Check out his website.

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