Sonntag, 21. September 2008

Save Warrender Park Road Post Office!

When I lived where Rebus lives in Marchmont, Edinburgh, one of the many things I loved about the community there was the local post office. It was a place of community and chatter - and even when I sent very heavy parcels to Germany, I got a smile - and some extra beautiful stamps. I was thus shocked to hear, that this post office is under threat of closure. No way! That place is magic - and a lifeline for pensioners in Marchmont, in particular. Sign the petition against the closure here. I was amused to see, that there is already a youtube video to defend Warrender Park Post Office. Have a look, it's sweet:

P.S. Local sources inform me that the closure is now certain. Shame! Shame, shame, shame! Another example of simplistic economic logic wripping the heart out of a community ...

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