Mittwoch, 7. Januar 2009

Support Bidder70!

I freely confess, the American political and legal system is something that baffles me time and time again. That Senators can be appointed by Governors; that in some states you can vote for the same presidential candidate under the guise of many parties (such as the utterly likeable Working Families Party, whose Brooklyn chapter launch I attended a few years ago ...); that Presidents in their dying days can pretty much do whatever they like, including pardoning criminals. All a bit weird. So, I also do not quite understand how Bush was able to initiate an auction to sell off land in Utah as a farewell gift to his chums in the oil industry. But, though I try to live a heroless life, what I do know is that Bidder70 is a courageous young man, whose actions we all need to support! He had the guts to show up at the auction and buy the land that the fossil industry wants to wreck. And now he needs $45,000 by January 9th in order to hold onto the land he has gained. He is hoping that once Bush is out of the door, the leases can be looked at again - and the drilling in beautiful lands prevented after all. Again, I have no idea of what the hopes are of the new Obama adminstration intervening. Will the new officials at the federal Interior Department and Bureau of Land Management take this case on? With my knowledge of America, I have no way of knowing. But I do know that Tim DeChristopher is trying to do the right thing here. If you can, please donate now.

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