Donnerstag, 12. März 2009

Victory - No new coal in Berlin ...

Today, finally, Vattenfall spoke publicly.They confirmed what they have already told Berlin´s leaders: There will be no new coal plant in Berlin! They are even planning on finally shutting down one of the old coal plants in Berlin - if only in 2020. Vattenfall seems to have decided to turn Berlin into the place where they green their image. That´s good news for Berlin - though this must only be the beginning of a debate on Berlin´s sustainable energy future. The end of the Berlin plant, achieved by a strong networked local campaign must be the beginning of the end for new coal plants in Germany. Appropriatly, there was a little celebration outside the Rote Rathaus yesterday (see picture). Arguing that coal should only be used for barbecues, tofu sausages were served. Tasty. May there be many more barbecue fests around the country. Here is a map of the 25 plants that still need to be stopped.

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