Mittwoch, 22. August 2007

Come on, murder a pint ...

I love the Caledonian Brewery of Edinburgh. They produce a fine organic ale, called Golden Promise, which is drinkable like a lager but has a pleasant bitter tinge. I love their '80' - probably the beer I drank most 'out on the town' when I was living in Edinburgh. And now, on the occasion of the Inspector Rebus novels turning 20, they have done me and all Rebus fans a favour and produced a special Rebus ale. What a fun idea. If you know Rebus, you will know he loves his pint. So this is a fitting tribute. Even better: After sampling it I can confirm that it is a very nice, fruity ale. I suspect, though, Rebus may find it a little too posh (he would add some whisky!). It's got a gingerly flavour to it - and certainly deserves to not just be an anniversary gimmick, but a long term addition to Caledonian's brewing range!

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Zarah hat gesagt…

Tja, but apparently they've stopped hosting the marvellous 'Ceilidhs at the Caley'. Pity.

Cheers * Wiebke