Dienstag, 7. August 2007

A lovely evening - but what really mattered, of course, was the Derby victory!

It was a fine evening in Berlin last night. A little windy but warm enough, at last, to have dinner on the roof. Lovely people came around for a dinner of home made pesto (which Kathrin had made with herbs harvested on our terrace!) and we watched, Strip Jack, the last of the wonderful (if not at all faithful to the book ...) TV adaptations of Ian Rankin's Rebus novels. In honour of Rebus we also had a fine glass of whisky (or two).
Truth be told, though, what really made me happy last night was something I did not experience at all. It was seeing the result 'Hearts 0 - Hibernian 1' appear on my computer screen before I went to bed. Hibs did well in their first game in the season (though true to form not well enough for the coach, John Collins). And they beat local Edinburgh rivals Hearts - which is, of course, always a particular joy!
There can be no rational explanation for football fandom. But the reality is, that my mood is certainly - and sometimes considerably - influenced by how Hibernian Football Club fairs in the Scottish Premier League.
The picture above, meanwhile, shows me handing out press releases at the WTO meeting in Cancun wearing a Hibs shirt. The collapse of the trade talks had come unexpectedly quickly, so I was still wearing my fan attire rather than my suit ;-) ...

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