Donnerstag, 3. Januar 2008

Everybody needs a carbon cap!

My new year's resolutions are the same as last year (and in case that's still true next year, I will not advertise them here ;-)).
But the world's new year resolution surely is simple. The world should take the advice from my friend Kenny Bruno (see picture) and agree on a carbon cap! 2008 needs to see the beginning of the big emissions turn around, that we all (Exxon aside) know needs to happen. 2008, therefore, needs to see an end to perverse subsidies to fossil fuel industries - an outrage Kenny travelled all the way to Bali to expose in this excellent new report. 2008 needs to be a year of change. I have no idea what change is in store for me. But I do know, that I want a carbon cap to be added to my wardrobe!

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