Montag, 17. Dezember 2007

Back home ...

Air travel makes one go from A to B without noticing all the Cs, Ds, Es and Ys in the middle. Within hours, one can jump continents - and cultural divides. The cultures and geographies of the 'in between' places are, if one is lucky, just a pretty view from a window seat.
So, after an exhausting two weeks in Bali (more on that here and auf Deutsch hier), I am home. Which feels remarkably normal, instantly. Here I am, trying to adjust to a temperature difference of some 30 degrees centrigrade. Here I am, trying to get into a christmas mood. Here I am, trying to get used to not working some 18 hours a day. Here I am trying to allow my body to just relax. - That christmas is coming up, I tried to keep in mind in Bali through taking along the "Advent calender" my mum sends me every year. You can see it having some cross-cultural fun in Bali on the picture. Air travel allows for that picture having been taken just some 24 hours ago. In a different world!

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