Mittwoch, 23. April 2008

Daniel to UN: Block this site too!

The Global Compact is often abused for Greenwash by companies. RWE and Areva, for example, pretend to be good coprorate citizens through their Global Compact membership while at the same time pushing for climate-destroying coal plants and dangerous nuclear power. Organizing a feel-good talk shop like the Global Compact is not what the UN should be about, me thinks (and I have argued as much here and - auf Deutsch - hier. The UN, in my humble opinion, should be about setting global standards and enforcing them. But instead of getting on with that urgent task, some UN staff time seems to be spent on blocking access to a blog criticizing the Global Compact. Check the full story here. And I am looking forward to the UN's response, which can surely only be an apology? P.S. As we enter May 2008, still no resolution to this story. Still no apology. Read on here.

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