Montag, 28. April 2008

Follow your followers, Edwards

John Edwards will not be President. But he is a funny man - as he proved again last week when he spoke to the nation in the EDwords. Whoever wants his vote needs to make him a spy, apparently, James Bond-like gadgets and all. He also joked brilliantly about being the white male whose vote is being most targetted. Watch him here. And then write to John - and ask him to stop joking around and follow his most fervent backers of old. An "Edwardian coalition" - inlcuding John's ex-campaign manager, has now endorsed Obama. A clear attempt to help end the democratic 'civil war' - and ensure that Democrats finally decide the nomination in North Carolina and Indiana next week. And get on with the real task of taking on McCain. Indeed, John, it's time for jokes to be at McCain's expense, not your own Party's. I, for one, have just become a backer of the Facebook group: 'Archeologists, Paleontologists, Undertakers & Geriatricians Against McCain'. I am none of these things, of course. But I liked the humour. So please, John, make the next EDwords about McCain. You know as well as Lester Brown does, that: "the only candidate who has the potential to ... lead with big changes is Obama." That one, you should take seriously, John.
P.S. May 4th: As Friends of the Earth endorse Obama, John decides to sit on the fence. A shame. A real, real shame, actually.
P.P.S. At last!

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Daniel Pentzlin hat gesagt…

He answered your prayers!! Edwards endorses Obama. I am hopeful. Best from Bavaria, :Daniel