Montag, 7. Juli 2008

G8 or bottled water - neither will save the world...

I hope my doctor doesn't read this blog. She ordered me to stay at home on Friday when I went to see her sneezing a lot and feeling that my head was going to burst. Yet here I am, in a strange ski resort in Hokkaido, Japan, trying to make sense of the weasle words with which the powerful try to hide that they have no answer to the problems we face. It's the G8. There was no way we were going to get someone else into the highly guarded media centre here. So here I am, wanting the world to at least know that, no, the G8 will not save the planet (unless they do all we demand here). My doctor will be pleased to hear, though, that I do try and look after myself. So, I try and drink a lot (and not beer this time). The first thing I did when I arrived at Sapporo airport yesterday was buy water. Which made me laugh. Here it was: The special G8 summit water (see picture). In a (non-returnable, obviously ...) plastic bottle. And yet, ready to save the world. You couldn't sum up the hyporcisy of the G8 summit much better, I thought!

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