Dienstag, 9. Juni 2009

Shell guilty - and $15.5 million poorer for it ...

Of course, Shell insists that they do not accept liability. But them settling with Ken Saro-Wiwa Jr. and other plaintiffs for $15.5 million is a real victory for corporate accountability. It´s one of the largest such payments in history. Like the tobacco trials, this settlement will make other corporations think twice about their actions. Here is to hoping, that it will stop some from doing the things Shell stood accused of: supplying weapons, colluding with murder, devastating the communities in which they are operating. - 13 years of legal wrangling is a long, long time indeed. Part of me can´t quite comprehend yet that this is over. Part of me might have even enjoyed a prolongued trial, providing ample opportunity for Shell to get tangled up in their own misinformation. But if it´s hard for me to fathom that this is over - just imagine what it must be like for the plaintiffs. To get an inkling read Ken Saro-Wiwa Jr.´s moving reflections here.

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