Montag, 8. Oktober 2007

Weird, I had fun in Geneva!

"When all passion has left life, that's when you move to Geneva". Thus spoke my friend Abiodun, eloquent as always, over dinner in New York. I couldn't agree more. Especially last Friday night, when, of course, Geneva's skies opened yet again and I got soaked, soaked, soaked, soaked, soaked. After drying my hair and changing all my clothes once back in the dry, I felt like I had been swimming ...
Still, this latest trip to Geneva was different. Not just because everyone was talking about climate change at the WTO, a place where reality does not normally disturb fancy economic models.
More importantly, I had fun. I was taken to a couple of bars I liked; I had a great time walking around in the vineyards nearby; and I took a lovely walk along the Rhone. Even the weather was pleasant, Friday night aside. So, here is to good times in Geneva. Begrudgingly.

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