Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2007

Time travel and hats off ...

It was an experience of a different kind to take the night train headed to Kiev last night (I only made it as far as Warsaw). It felt like being back in the 80s. The guard spoke nothing but Russian and was rude as you would imagine him to be. The heating went wild and was trying very hard to turn my feet into grilled sausage. And the border guards were reminding us all, that we are passing a real border when they woke us ... The design of the cabin was truly historical - but, on the plus side, there was plenty more space than on modern CityNightLines ... All in all, I was pretty spent by the time my fried feet and tired brain got to Warsaw. I had to survive a day of meetings nonetheless. That I did is testimony also to my colleagues in the UK and the US. The great action against coal in Kingsnorth warmed my heart ... - and the Global Warming Motors spoof made me chuckle. Which, believe me, was a harder thing than normal to get me to do today. So thanks, guys!

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