Mittwoch, 4. Juni 2008

Obama is the candidate - Hillary must campaign for him!

Politics is about symbols. And Obama knows all about that. So he chose to cross the finishing line in St. Paul last night - at the very place, where Republicans will crown McCain as their candidate later in the year. It's finally down to Obama vs. McCain; it's finally time for the real race - the race for the White House. That is a relief. And yet, the key question remaining right now is whether Hillary means what she said in her strange 'I congratulate Obama and otherwise pretend nothing has changed'-speech in New York last night. "I am committed to uniting our Party, so we move forward, stronger and more ready than ever to take back the White house this November." That's how she started. And that does sound good. Hillary must do the decent thing now. Which is to endorse Obama and to campaign for him especially hard in the 19 states that she won .... Yes, she can.

P.S. Good on you, Hillary!
P.P.S. Now it's official. Hillary backs Obama. Thank God.

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