Mittwoch, 4. Juni 2008

More Greenpeace food!

May be I just wasn't paying attention. But it appears that Greenpeace is on the menu all over the world, not just at the Carnival of Cultures. The picture here was taken in Prague. Green Peace, this time, was a pasta dish; appropriately enough, this dish looks green - as it involves Spinach. I didn't try it (wanted to go for more local vegetarian food, such as fried cheese, yum ...). But I am starting to wonder where else I could, er, eat my employer. Let me know if you come across Greenpeace dishes through the comments function! Thanks!


Uli Rockenbauch hat gesagt…

Maybe it's all not that spectacular, and they actually mean GREEN PEAS? (Berlin was full of fantastic word creations that clearly originated due to the lack of a dictionary when the menu was written :)

Just me again! hat gesagt…

There is also the famous 'Green Peace pulao' served in Indian restaurants.
With a little bit of cumin to make you feel the heat of climate negotiations better, it's lovely fluffy rice with... you guessed it - peas! Eat away, employee! :)