Dienstag, 20. November 2007

Lies exposed: Oil for climate protection?

Well done, Greenpeace Switzerland. The Swiss oil lobby had the cheek to claim in an advert that heating with oil is a contribution to climate protection. They now had their fingers slapped by the Swiss advertising board, which has prohibited the further use of these ads as they are - you guessed it - misleading. The oil lobby was proud that they had gotten a little more efficient in using the black stuff. That, they said, meant that modern oil heating systems are a contribution to climate protection. Sure. First, every use of energy has been getting more efficient - pretty much throughout history. Second, oil remains the most climate damaging way to heat your home. Oops. This Swiss example is a particularly crass one. But it is fascinating to watch how more and more dirty industries are claiming to be the solution to the climate problem that they, incidentally, caused in the first place. Emission free coal plants, anyone? Cars to save the planet? Climatewash is the new Greenwash. Everybody is a climate protector now. Strange, eh, that global emissions are rising ...

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