Freitag, 23. November 2007

No cranberry, no bullshit ;-)

This site is not about advertising, least of all beer. But if I were to advertise beer it - obviously - would have to be organic. I would recommend some of my all time favourites, such as Neumarkter Lammsbraeu or Golden Promise. Nonetheless, I have to give credit where credit is due. And Pilsner's response to the yuppification of beer deserves a big cheer - not least because it made me laugh out loud (sorry to my fellow U-Bahn passengers). I am not against trying weird stuff with beer. Some North American micro-breweries, in particular, create some amazing tastes, that are a worthwhile challenge to human taste buds. But all that lager with sweet tastes added? The Beck's Lemon of this world? They are disgusting. They deserve derision. They deserve this add campaign: No lemon, no cranberry, no bullshit!


Gabe Kramer hat gesagt…

Advertising can be so clever and witty that I sometimes experience inexplicable warmth and goodwill towards giant for-profit conglomerates that do not give a tinker's fart about me. That of course is the insidious purpose of advertising, but nevertheless it sometimes makes me feel good.

This is a nice advert, Daniel. Good eye.

Is it possible to translate the German word "ohne" as "without"? If so, I think that sounds very funny in English. "Pilsner: without bullshit"... as if under some circumstances someone might like to have shit from a bull put in his beer. Ahhh... now that's satisfying!

Happy American Thanksgiving and G'Day to the Australian Labor Party,


Daniel Mittler hat gesagt…

Er, yes, "ohne" can mean without. So "Pilsner: without bullshit" is at least the special recipy that is being advertised ...