Freitag, 2. November 2007

Solar Waverley

There can be few more beautiful views. When you leave Waverley Station in Edinburgh the whole beauty of Edinburgh becomes visible at once. The Castle, the Mound, the gardens below. Often a gull will scream to remind you of the nearby sea. Even when it is raining, there is always a magic to the climb up from the Waverley dungeons - despite the traffic fumes. By 2014, Waverley may be magical in other ways, too. Yes, that is a little late. Yes, these plans have been around for years already. But still. By 2014 Waverley's decrepit roof is to be redone - and will become a solar factory (as well as a place where rain water will be collected). The solar energy will power the station. It will make Waverley truly green - and hopefully be an example that many public and private buildings will emulate. In fact, why not start a race now. Which buildings in Edinburgh will have solar roofs before Waverley? Just let me know!

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