Sonntag, 2. Dezember 2007

Bali - again

It's hot, it's humid, I have a headache. I hate this kind of weather. My partner says that the temperature is just right when you step out of the shower and do not feel a drop in temperature. Well, when I step out of the shower here, I feel no drop in humidity. I stay just as wet. I sweat like hell - and I do not like it. - This is meant to be rainy season in Bali. The humidy is indeed hard to beat. But so far, it has not rained. The same happened last December apparently. It may be climate change. Which would be fitting as over 10,000 people, like me, are heading to Bali just now to attend the global climate negotiations. - The security is already here. Military boats are cruising along the beach (see picture). I do not remember it being like that 5 years ago, when the World Summit on Sustainable Development was prepared on Bali. But that was before the Bali bombs. I dread to think what the security will be like next week - when important people (not just me) arrive.... - I am here to help persuade governments to agree a Bali Mandate. Not sure how much time I will have to blog on this site. I am, however, blogging at the Greenpeace site - so have a look. P.S. December 3rd update: This had to happen, of course. Climate change and weather are two different things. I know that. But I was reminded today, as it has started to rain. A real downpour, I am told. I missed it, though, watching the opening of the official conference.

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