Montag, 3. Dezember 2007

Welcome to Paradise?

The hotel complex that the international climate negotiation are taking place in was built in the 1980s. It replaced local fishing villages but funders such as the World Bank insisted that it at least looks nice. So this is no high-rise concrete jungle. It is a lush tropical array of high level hotels - which seem to compete on how many pools they have... - One of the most difficult things about my life is that when I say that I do not like all the travel I do, nobody believes me (except for those who suffer the same life). When you say that you are going to Bali - this is, of course, especially true. And I do not blame them. There is a big industry out there that sells the kind of environment that is Nusa Dua, Bali as the place to be. If I didn't have to work from 7am to late at night, I would certainly enjoy the beaches - and even more the massages that seem to be on offer everywhere. But like all such places, this hotel paradise is built on exclusion. Exclusion of fisher communities to start with. But I am sure not just. With all the water being used for the pools here, I wonder how much water is available for the communities outside, for example. I should find out really. - Still, I had to smile when I passed this "Welcome to Paradise" sign today. I was running between two meetings (and running when it is 35 degrees celsius and over 80% humidity is not such a good idea, really). But I had to stop and take a photograph. If this is paradise, let it at least be the paradise that is remembered for preventing climate hell!

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