Mittwoch, 5. Dezember 2007

Courageous, impressive - look at this Indonesian coal action

When police boats drove over Greenpeace boats at this year's G8 summit protest (see the video here) some people - including some friends - told me that they thought the action was "too dangerous". We should have known that the police would react strongly. We should not have done something so risky. My emotional response to this was incomprehension. For this was a principled and peaceful action. The police response was, shall we say, unhelpful. And in any case, it was nothing compared to the dangers my friends and comrades face in many places all over the world - every day. In recent weeks, angry loggers forced colleagues in the Amazon to take refuge in a local government office. And last Saturday, my friends from Greenpeace Southeast Asia faced heated opposition when they 'attacked' a coal plant. Have a look at the video - and bow at their courage! This one is for you, Yaya and Shai!

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