Freitag, 21. März 2008

5 years on: I am fine, Iraq isn't

5 years ago, I was a sad man. The reasons were mainly of the heart. But that the big global outcry against - yet another - Iraq war had delivered nothing but heightened cynicism and crass soundbites from Bush/Blair also left me shattered. The demonstration against the war in London on the 15th February 2003 was one of the most exhilirating experiences I have had as a political activist. It was, for once, not just the usual suspects out on the streets. It was nuns, the Muslim Association, disillusioned Labour stalwarts, unions and environmentalists, musicians, mothers, doctors - et al. All united against the lies of Tony 'Poodle' Blair ... And it wasn't just London - demonstrations took place everywhere! And yet, and yet, the "second superpower" of global politics that was much talked about at the time did not help the people of Iraq. As the chattering classes revelled in the rise of a global civil society, Iraq was bombed into the stone age .... - 5 years on, and a new Oil Change report reveals that if the money that has been squandered on the Iraq war had been spent on green energy investments instead, the energy revolution we need, could already be a reality. - 5 years on, I am doing fine. I sit writing this in a beautiful and peaceful flat. Somehow, I have regained my belief in humanity and love (and those to thank for this know who they are!). Despite everything, I am still fighting the 'good fight', even if the "second superpower" all too often seems to be just a few of us. - But, 5 years on, the stories from Iraq are still harrowing. The insecurity continues, the water and electricity supply is in tatters. Iraqi's are still left fighting the proposed Iraqi oil law - which amounts to nothing less than being robbed while they are down. 5 years on, I count myself lucky. I only wish Iraqis could say the same!

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