Dienstag, 4. März 2008

Nervously awaiting Texas and Ohio ...

I am always nervous when the media declares contests over before the votes are counted. That may work in Russia or Zimbabwe. But in slightly less overtly authoritarian regimes, voters are - thank god - always ready to surprise. - I am therefore nail-bitingly nervous about Texas and Ohio today. While the media pretends that it's all a shoe-in for Obama, I worry that this will backfire. It may, for example, result in Hillary narrowly winning Ohio being interpreted as a big win. But, to be clear: Hillary should win Ohio. The demographics and the support of the popular Governor should make Ohio a shoe in for her. But now, with all that talk of "Obama's momentum", even a 'natural' event such as Hillary winning in Ohio could turn into real poison for Obama's campaign. It could weaken him against McCain (should he nonetheless clinch the nomination.) - I therefore also do not want to engage in speculation about what Obama might do when he is President, as many already do. Let's get the man elected first! But, still, I do find it remarkable, that 'even' an old saint of the Left, like Immanuel Wallerstein, believes in Obama's power of "Yes, we can." Read his interesting commentary on 'President Obama to be' here and become involved in the change America needs. A change, that Obama may make possible - if the progressive pressure builds!

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