Mittwoch, 5. März 2008

I feared as much ...

Texas, where Obama was 20 percent behind a few weeks back, is too close to call. Ohio, as I expected, went to Hillary. Obama is still ahead in the delegates count. But, if you look at the media, he is down and Hillary up. You get the impression that somehow, Hillary has scored a great surprise, a real break through. Just like all the hype about how Obama was likely to win everything last night, this is rubbish. The reality is, that this race is damn close - and Democrats have two candidates they like. Things could be worse. But it is still not good, that Hillary and Obama will now keep concentrating on each other rather than on beating McCain. Who, incidentally, is pretty good on climate change. Unlike on Iraq (and a million other issues), McCain has not been a Bushite on climate. To the contrary. All through the Bush years, he has stood up to the sceptics and argued forcefully for action on climate change. That he, not an active climate-trasher, is the Repbublican candidates, is at least a small mercy.

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