Freitag, 28. März 2008

Three different worlds

Last night, I went to see the film Juno - and, yes, I felt a little old. I haven't seen as many teenagers in one spot in Berlin ever as in that cinema. I enjoyed seeing them enjoy themselves. But I was also a little disconcerted, that I still had the loudest laugh ... - One of the great things about city live, to my mind, is how you can be part of very different communities within days. It was teenies last night. But last weekend it was the much older and university-educated crowd, that is into Baroque music (as am I). The 'Italian Night' at the Konzerthaus was a real, real treat. It was also the first time I heard Philippe Jaroussky - a truly amazing countertenor (though I am no fan of his body language myself). - A few weeks back it was Turkish, not Italian night. And decidedly 21st century, not 17th. A cool (or, in some cases, pretending to be cool) crowd, joined me in watching Ceza rap Kreuzberg. Ceza - and his sister Ayben - impressed me in "Crossing the Bridge", Fatih Akin's tribute to Istanbul's music scene. But Ceza live was even more amazing. His concert also (finally) meant that I actually got to spend an evening with the Turkish-German youth that have been my Kreuzberg neighbours for years.
It's not the same, of course, but youtube makes it possible for me to at least share a taste of these different worlds with you. So, here is a very unlikely trio, a web testimony to my eclectic tastes: Juno, Philippe Jaroussky and Ceza. Enjoy.

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